ID-CONSOLE is the “New flagship” by WK-AUDIO. Created in late 2009, the ID-CONSOLE substitute the well-known “ID-CONTROLLER” Hard- and software components are identical to the ID-CONTROLLER, but a well-known international product designer ( created an absolutely new chassis, and we replaced the encoder and rotary buttons as well as some key buttons. The result of this groundbreaking design update is a more professional and nice looking surface (o.k., we should have done this step some years before ….)

ID-CONSOLE by WK AUDIO is one of the most advanced software controller available today. Developed in tandem with Steinberg's Media Production software NUENDO, ID-CONSOLE ensures unprecedented levels of integration. The unique versatility and advanced usability concept make ID-CONSOLE suitable for any audio work, including post production, music tracking, broadcast and sound design.

Dedicated buttons for direct access to the groundbreaking NUENDO automation system as well as user definable layouts and function keys give access to just about any parameter within seconds. ID-CONSOLE will help you focus your attention where it belongs: on the audio you are recording, editing or mixing.

The basic unit alone features a large amount of direct hardware controls. You can step through and assign the available individual NUENDO channels or channel banks to the available hardware motor faders and encoder dials.
Using the optionally available Fader Modules, you can extend your direct control and access up to 96 channels at once.

An Edit section with a jog dial, its built-in multifunctional ASCII keyboard and trackball, its master section with talk-back, phones, 3x fold-back and a control room with input and output matrix, speaker select and surround reduction keys, the direct plug-in access and the advanced channel selection features really make the ID-CONSOLE superior.

Functions like Reverse and Expand set new standards in terms of workflow and usability. The intuitive Reverse mode allows the integrated keyboard to be used for functions such as track arming, Solo or Mute/CUT for channels 1 to 96, including optical controls. The stunningly effective Expand function instantly lays all channels belonging to a group on consecutive faders on the mixing surface, regardless of where they are located in the NUENDO project itself.

The ID-CONSOLE is made of premium hardware components. Precision engineered and hand-built in Germany, ID has been designed with absolute attention to detail, to give you not only full control but also absolute transparency in your project.

ID-CONSOLE is full compatible with Nuendo 6 (6.04 and higher) and Cubase 7 (version 7.04 and higher)


(ID-CONSOLE with 12 faders)

Direct and far-reaching control of the NUENDO audio recording software application from one central point.

100 mm ultra-quiet motorized faders

Direct access to the new ground-braking NUENDO automation system

New NUENDO software functions will be supported by future NUENDO versions.

Direct access to 24 signals with 12 faders and 12 encoders.

40 encoders for the channel section as well as 12 control room potentiometers

380 backlit keys, framed (10.000.000 key cycles)

53 large double-rowed LCD displays for instant feedback.

ASCII keyboard

Trackball, protected against dust and water (IP-65)

Weighted 60mm Jog dial for easy editing.

Channel Matrix.

Direct and total access to plug-ins

Load, edit and apply VST instruments and effects directly from the Controller.

Reverse Mode: the keys on the ASCII keyboard can be used as On/Off switches for the last selected function type on up to 96 channels.

Expand Mode: function instantly lays all channels belonging to a group on consecutive faders on the mixing surface, regardless of where they are located in the NUENDO project itself.

Talkback microphone and headphone preamp

Digital control room remote

Extensive, professional master section

Dedicated and freely assignable command buttons

Instant recall of Marker numbers 1 to 96

Edit Section offers comprehensive editing directly through ID-CONSOLE

Complete support for all Control Room functions with dedicated buttons and pots

32 channel LED meter-bridge (24 channel meters and 8 master section meters). Each meter has 30 segments

1 USB connector per unit.

Non-reflecting surface.

Chassis material: aluminium and steel metal support stand.

Expandable with up to three additional Fader packs to provide a maximum number of 96 directly accessible channels. Each additional Fader pack is basically a copy of the fader section in the basic unit. It also provides 12 large touch-sensitive motor faders, 39 encoder dials, 52 displays and a great number of different keys.

“One piece” armrest

First class build quality, precision engineered in Germany

Optional Motor-Joystick.

Optional stand.

Custom made solutions.


Fullscreen View

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New LCD-Displays

The last step we decided to go is to implement new high-end 2x7 LCD displays, with more contrast and clarity. The second and nice effect is that we were able to create a new front panel design now - and the result is a more professional looking surface.
Beginning at July 2010, we deliver ID-CONSOLE with these new fantastic displays.

For more detail information please download the following PDFs:

Short Information

PDF (ca. 5,9 MB)

The Fader Section

PDF (ca. 551 kB)

The Channel Strip Section

PDF (ca. 532 kB)

The Master Section

PDF (ca. 533 kB)

The Edit Section

PDF (ca. 1 MB)

The Automation System

PDF (ca. 428 kB)

Operating Manual

PDF (ca. 4,7 MB)